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8 North Court St.
Suite 411
Athens, OH 45701

Finding a Way in the Woods

Living Forest Cooperative Video The National Network of Forest Practitioners promotes the mutual well being of workers, rural communities, and forests by supporting individuals and groups that build sustainable relationships between forests and people.
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Photo Caption: In a video produced by NNFP's People+Land Media, Charly Ray, Manager of the Living Forest Cooperative, tells the story of landowners working to sustain forests.
Photo by By Pradeep Edussuriya

Some of NNFP's Programs and Projects:

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Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber, Inc.

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Congratulations to Betty Burbank and Goosebay Sawmill and Lumber for your enhanced site with WordPress! We enhanced Goosebay's website by adding a WordPress blog, so they can easily update their events and new products, as well as help the Goosebay site with Search Engine Positioning. Betty's upbeat attitude and willingness to learn about how the site works also made the project a lot of fun!
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Enhancing Creative and Shared Leadership

NNFP's Creative Leadership Program from People and The Land on Vimeo.

Scott's attendance was a real turning point. It helped him clarify his sense of himself as a leader and what he wanted from his work. After this training, Scott expressed interest in a leadership position in the organization. He was clear what he needed to do to step into the position and has done a great job since then.
~ Justin Maxson, Executive Director, MACED

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Wood Website Success: Brattleboro, BT
April 3, 2009
"... Until the workshop I gave no thought to using my website for getting business from the Internet. Aft ..."
Stephen Robin
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